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About WMC Locations

World Media Crew is an international organization connecting all professionals in the area of Media to provide those in need essential and necessary solutions. World Media Crew is committed to building an environment where professionals are feeling welcome to help out others in the field of media or finding others to help them out.

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The perfect solution of WMC

As an organization that connects media professionals from all over the world, we feel we can do more by facilitating more solutions to everyday media-related problems. Searching for locations can be a time-consuming task and therefore we have created our WMC Locations booking system where we can connect those who want to rent their locations to those who are searching for a location. What kind of locations are the best? If you are interested in renting locations, you might think what makes my location so good? Before we answer these questions we'd like you to think of two different movies and think of the locations they have been filmed. Some movies use crazy, bizarre, and unique locations but a lot of them actually tend to use "daily" and normal locations close to what we'd find in real life. Think of hotel rooms, conference halls, offices, restaurants and much more. So answering your question: all locations are good and welcome since it depends on what media professionals are looking for.

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What we find important

World Media Crew finds it important to create an environment where people from the broad field of Media will be guaranteed a place where they find professionalism, creativity, and connectedness which results in easy and fast solutions for problems that usually occur with bad timing and are difficult to solve

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The need for WMC

World Media Crew has been developed on the basis of the market needs. Our media work field is a place where changes and unfortunate problems occur on times where we need a solution within a short amount of time. Our work usually consists of true teamwork where we cannot function completely on our own and is a place where everybody is valued for their own work and expertise. So when a make-up artist or the light crew might, unfortunately, be hindered on the day of filming, the production might end up in problems. World Media Crew also provides the possibility to work with locals from abroad who have the right skills, knowledge, and equipment you are looking for. Our platform makes it extremely easy to find people around the world, connect with them, and establish collaboration. World Media Crew is committed to suffice in solutions. It creates immense ease in finding the missing person or link in the area only with a few clicks.

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Our promise to you

We promise to ensure quality in every aspect on our platform so we can serve you with creating the possibility of connecting you with people from around the world with a decent level of knowledge and skills necessary in the world of media. Therefore we charge our users a small amount of money of 5,99- dollars per month to ensure the quality of this platform and to make sure we can keep developing this platform in a valuable way for you according to your needs.

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Our vision is to connect all media professionals around the world and create an ecosystem of a strong and safe network where WMC members can learn, develop, and create jobs. Helping media professionals around the world to excel in their talents and create or help others create amazing media. By supporting talent development and solving issues that might be an obstacle to achieve greatness, we believe we can make the world a better place.


Our mission is to create a stable and user-friendly platform both as a website and a stand-alone app where our WMC members can subscribe, create jobs and solve all their media-related issues on the spot, simply by using the World Media Crew platform.

Who Are we?

Taron Mosesian

Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Tatevique Minasian

Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Communications Officer

Andjela Milosevic

Lead back-end developer

Danny Milosevic

Lead Front-end developer