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Connect with members all around the world and create the most perfect job oppertunity's without spending alot!, it is to easy to create an account click the button below!

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We have all around the world crew members! You can connect easy with them though our platform, Join now what are you waiting for?

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By connecting and following you have your right member at the right time, so that means a win - win situation for you! Join now the community.

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Our Custom Mobile App!

Yes you see it correctly, there will be a mobile app for ios and android soon, that way you can even connect faster! Imagine how much you will simply safe by using the app!

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Shooting and film locations!

We are currently developing a complete booking system for our members that way, they can book the right location for the shooting or filming location, that way you have everything in 1 place!

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Sell your workshops & tutorials!

And also we are developing for our crew members a feature they can sell their workshop and tutorails to users or crew members, that way they can earn a nice living from home! Just by showing their skill.

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About World Media Crew

World Media Crew is an international organization connecting all professionals in the area of Media to provide those in need essential and necessary solutions. World Media Crew is committed to building an environment where professionals are feeling welcome to help out others in the field of media or finding others to help them out. Focus on the world of Media World Media Crew is unique because it is a platform specifically developed for professionals in the field of media, but at the same time, it is diverse because it embraces all the broad spectrum of backgrounds, functions, and jobs found in the industry. From screenwriters to videographers, to make-up artists. You can find it all, within one network, and find the right person or job with only one click on our website or app.

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Our promise to you

We promise to ensure quality in every aspect on our platform so we can serve you with creating the possibility of connecting you with people from around the world with a decent level of knowledge and skills necessary in the world of media. Therefore we charge our users a small amount of money of 5,99- dollars per month to ensure the quality of this platform and to make sure we can keep developing this platform in a valuable way for you according to your needs.

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World Media Crew's platform has plenty of features for you!

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By creating an account on our platform you will save alot of time and money to get nice jobs!

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On our platform you can create your unique and custom profile to impress you job-giver!

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Yes you see it correctly, you can win prices of $30.000 dollars on our platform! Just by joining!